The Ultimate Planner Stickers Guide

Are you obsessed with planner stickers as much as we are? Great! Because we love all things planning and stationery, we decided to put together this list of frequently asked questions as it relates to planner stickers.  

Whether you are new to the community or a veteran planner girl we’re covering all of your questions today.

Planner Stickers Frequently Asked Questions: 

  1. What are the different types of planner stickers?

  2. Why use planner stickers?

  3. Where to buy planner stickers?

  4. What to do with planner stickers?

  5. How to make planner stickers?

  6. How to organize planner stickers?

  7. What accessories can I use with my planner besides stickers? 

What are the different types of planner stickers?

There are a variety of stickers to choose from for your planner. Ultimately your decision comes down to creativity, organization, and the type of planner system that works for you. 

If you’re wondering what to use your planner stickers for let us break some of them down.

Functional Stickers 

Functional planner stickers are perfect for making lists and tracking important tasks. Overall functional stickers help you plan your day as you can set up dedicated designs and colors for appointments and reminders.

Sidebar Stickers

Sidebar stickers can be easily used to place on the side of your monthly or weekly spread. The below stickers are from Etsy.

Side bar stickers Etsy


Decorative Stickers 

Decorative stickers have a special place in our hearts. Our Planner Girl Doll Stickers are the perfect opportunity to add some flare to your planner while also showcasing black girl magic of course.


This sticker type pretty much speaks for itself. But you don’t have to only highlight holidays or seasons. You can also highlight a vacation or special trip you might have coming up in your planner. 

The below stickers can also be found via Etsy

Holiday planner stickers Etsy


Flag Stickers 

Flag stickers are another sicker type which is great for setting reminders inside your planner and calling attention to a certain date.


Flag Planner Stickers


Dot Stickers

Dot stickers are great for color coding and keeping track of bills, birthdays, important reminders, etc. 

Inspirational Stickers 

Inspirational quote stickers are perfect for remembering affirmations and starting your day on the right track. We love to insert these stickers into our planner for extra variety and color.

Why Use Planner Stickers? 

Have you ever purchased a planner at the beginning of the year but it only sat in the corner and collected dust? More than likely this is because your planner didn’t have a system in place.

Planner stickers allow you to have an organized system for your daily activities and thoughts while also looking extremely beautiful. As you assign colors and shapes to different task lists and dates it helps you remember what is most important.

Where Can I Buy Planner Stickers?

Of course, we want you to shop with us at Goldmine and Coco but your options are truly limitless. Here are a few other places to purchase planner stickers 

How do I use my planner stickers?

So you’ve purchased all these stickers and now you are probably wondering “What’s next?” Lucky for you, we have three tutorials showing in our “Plan With Me” Youtube series showing you all how to use planner stickers for the Happy Planner, Erin Condren Planner and the Hobonichi Techo.

How to use planner stickers with Happy Planner

How to use planner stickers with Erin Condren Planner

 How to use planner stickers with Hobonichi Techo

How can I make my own planner stickers?

In our previous post, you can find full details on how to make planner stickers at home. In that post, we explain which sticker printer paper to use and how to DIY stickers with

What accessories can I use with my planner besides stickers? 

Accessories can definitely help you take your planning decor to the next level. Here are a few great items to start with on your planning journey.

  • Dividers & Adhesive Tabs
  • Corner Pockets
  • Coil Connectors
  • Planner Covers
  • Planner Charms
  • Cute Elastic Bands

How often do you purchase planner stickers? Do you have a favorite type? Comment and let us know!


The Ultimate Planner stickers guide

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  • Judith McNair

    Hello I am so glad that I have purchased your sticker collections. I love your faith stickers. By using them has help me set up my prayerful planner for 2022. I wish that the sheets of this sticker book could be sold individually because I use some of the stickers more then others. God Bless you and the work you are doing.

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