Treasure Chest FAQ

Treasure Chest Subscription FAQ
Welcome to the Treasure Chest subscription FAQ!  Goldmine & Coco now offers a quarterly subscription box which auto-renews once you sign up!
Enrollment opens once a quarter – reminders will be posted on the website, in our Facebook group, on Instagram (@goldmineandcoco) and via email notification.
What to expect
$35 USD per month + $5 S&H USA pricing for subscribers and $15 for international subs.
One-time subscribers who cancel after the first quarter of subscribing will pay the $50 standalone box rate.
Subscription box items include:
⬩5 exclusive dolls
⬩Printed Papers
⬩3-4 Digital Dashboards
⬩1 Pen
⬩1 Washi
⬩1 Stamp Set
⬩3-4 Additional Items to go Along with The Theme
If you missed out on the first quarter, please make sure to sign up to the waiting list to have a chance at getting a spot! We will only send out emails regarding new slots to those that sign up on the waiting list.
Please Read all FAQs BEFORE Sending An Email
As we continue to accommodate more signups, the following schedule will be applied:
  1. NEW subscription signups will open the first week of the new quarter. Email reminders will be sent out.
  2. The boxes for the same quarter will ship by the 18th of the first quarter month. However, if there is for any reason any delay in shipment, subscribers will all be notified in advance.
**This means you will receive the box for the quarter you sign up for. (i.e. if you Sign up in the 2nd quarter, you will receive the April Box, July Box and October Box.) **
  1. The box price is $35 per month.  Shipping & handling domestically is a flat $5 and international shipping is $15- please select this correct corresponding shipping rate during checkout. If the correct subscription is not chosen, your subscription will be cancelled, and this will count towards our cancellation policy.
  2. You will be billed for your first box the date you place the order.  All future boxes will be billed on the same date for each quarter. (example: If you sign up January 4th, you will be billed automatically April 4th and so on.)
  3. You may not cancel your subscription until 2 quarters have passed. Meaning if you sign up in January you may not cancel until you have been billed and payment received for April box. If you cancel your subscription before then after the box has been shipped, you will be billed $50 for one-time box.
  4. For all first-time subscribers - Please take note, If you purchase at the lower subscription rate for the first time and then cancel your account right after. We will automatically cancel your subscription and your order. Only subscribe if you can commit to a quarterly or annual recurring payments. However, if you have gone at least 2 consecutive quarters without cancelling, you will be able to cancel penalty free between April 15th-June 15th.
**Please note - once you unsubscribe/cancel your subscription, you must wait for another open slot if you plan on subscribing again**
  1. Treasures earned in shop are not applicable towards the subscription box.
  2. Please note that for payment, Paypal balances and prepaid cards will likely not work.  This is due to encrypting on store-bought cards that will not allow them to be used for transactions of a recurring nature, such as the box.  Please make sure you have a valid credit card/debit card attached to your paypal account.
  3. Customer is responsible for any updates in shipping address and billing information - you are able to update your shipping and billing information via Paypal. Once shipping has begun, we can not change the mailing address. No exceptions.
  4. All packages returned due to customer address entry error will be either refunded for the product price less shipping cost OR reshipped at buyer's expense.
Note -- if you are international and changing your address to domestic or vice versa, you must contact us at ( to have your shipping rate adjusted.
  1. If payment is not received by the 15th of the first month of the quarter, your box for the month is not guaranteed and reserved.  Please make sure any payment issues are resolved by this date.  Please note that any major changes to Paypal including switching Paypal accounts or switching from Paypal to a credit card will require a manual update.  (You may switch your default cards within Paypal at any time - this does not require action on our part) --  If you need assistance with extending your payment window or updating payment, please email us at
  2. If you have any issues, please contact for resolution.  We kindly ask for 1-3 business days for a response.
Thanks again for your interest!  For more up-to-date information, please join our waiting list here!




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