Meet the CEO

I am the proud owner and heart behind Goldmine and Coco, a venture born out of my hustle, passion, and unwavering drive. Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, I grew up surrounded by the echoes of black excellence and my dream was to add my own unique rhythm to that empowering symphony. And so, Goldmine and Coco came to be – a labor of love, a marriage of art and organization, and a tribute to the many inspiring women in my life.
As a child, I learned a crucial life lesson: Nothing in this world comes without effort. This lesson has served as the foundation for all my endeavors, shaping the relentless hustler that I am today. My motivation came not from external sources but from the fire within, a spark ignited by the powerful women in my family. Their tenacity and grit inspired me to go after my dreams, undeterred by any hurdles that may come my way.
Goldmine and Coco was established in 2017, starting as a small sticker shop on Etsy. The ambition was simple: to utilize my passion for creativity and knack for organization to design a space where women can weave their own success stories. It was a leap of faith, leaving my career in banking behind, but the fulfillment of being there for my children made the journey worthwhile.
Over the years, we have grown from a tiny Etsy shop into a thriving community of like-minded women, each seeking to make their mark on the world while cherishing the journey. What amazes me is how this business has constantly exceeded my expectations, growing, evolving, and inspiring me every step of the way.
With a dedicated team of over 12 members, we continue to evolve and learn. Every experience and every lesson we gather is integrated into the fabric of our work, refining our craft and enhancing the quality of our products. As the head designer, my goal is to make Goldmine and Coco your go-to destination for all things creative and organized.
I am an eternal learner, an avid reader, and a passionate artist. When I am not driving my business forward, you'll find me soaking up knowledge, sharing insights, speaking at events, or perhaps enjoying a well-deserved vacation. My life is a beautiful blend of my many passions, and Goldmine and Coco is a testament to that blend.
Thank you for joining me on this journey. It is my sincere hope that through Goldmine and Coco, you'll find your space, your voice, and your path to success. Together, let's paint this world with bold strokes of creativity and success.