6 Monthly Planner Printables You Absolutely Need Right Now

If you've ever done some serious planner shopping, you might know how frustrating it is to find the right planner—one that meets all of your specific needs.

After all, a planner is a highly personal tool. The events and activities you need to jot down, the habits you want to track, and the aspects of your day-to-day that are most important are likely quite different from everyone else's. 

That's why we love printable planner inserts! With printables, you can essentially customize your planner to fit your life.

Are you saving to buy a house or a car? You can include printable financial trackers.  Are you a Netflix junkie?  Use a planner to track your favorite series so you never  forget the last episode you saw. Are you determined not to miss another birthday?  All you have to do is add a birthday tracker to your favorite planner. 

Nowadays there are so many options and ways to track whatever you want, allowing you to customize your planner down to the very last detail. And,  if you can't find exactly what you’re looking for, you can find someone to create a printable planner sheet for whatever purpose. And if you've got design chops, you can create your own using a tool like Canva.

With that in mind, keep reading for a quick overview some of the very best monthly planner printables anywhere on the internet.

monthly bills planner inserts

Monthly bills tracker

These inserts offer the perfect way to keep track of your monthly expenses. They include a space to include the total sum, your estimated income, your actual income, payday and amounts, the bill, the amount, due date, due paid, and remaining balance. That's pretty thorough! 

What better way to get a handle on your monthly outflow than to track it all with these handy inserts? You'll never miss another transaction and you’ll know exactly where your money is going. These inserts are available in five sizes: A5, A6, B6, half letter, and Classic HP.  The 16 sheets (8 double-sided pages) are sent to you printed and punched,  high-quality opaque paper with a lovely heavy finish.

This is available as a digital download in multiple sizes here.

Shopping template for meal planning

Monthly meal planners

If you're interested in saving money and reducing your food waste, the best thing you can do is to use a monthly planner template for meals. There are several monthly meal planner inserts here, with different styles, from floral to casual to minimalist, and all of them will make it easy to figure out what healthy meals you're going to be preparing all month long.  

Once you've written down all of your meals for an entire month, grocery shopping will be faster and cheaper because you won’t end up wandering the aisles looking for something to prepare and buying extra food that may go bad because you don't eat it on time. Monthly meal planning will change your world if you let it.

Striking A Balance Printable

Monthly to-do list

What if you could add an overview of your year to your planner, broken down into months?  This 12-month to-do list will help you with your yearly planning and allow you to get your act together. There are sections for your top goals and a long list of tasks.  

Are you working on a long-term project?  This is a great way to break it down into bite-size pieces. Do you have plans for the end of the year, in spring, or summer?  Use these planner inserts to get organized and think months ahead.

sleep log template

Sleep log

What could be more useful than tracking your sleep? After all, do you know how much or how little you sleep each night? Wouldn't it be useful to see if there's a pattern? If you have sleep problems, suffer from insomnia or are just tired all the dang time, this printable sleep tracker will make it super easy for you to keep track of how many hours of shut-eye you get each night. 

Sleep is immensely important, and in our hectic day-to-day lives we're often guilty of putting sleep on the backburner. The truth is that self-care should be a priority and when we get enough sleep, we have the energy to exercise, eat better, manage stress, and so much more. Get on top of your sleep and you can conquer the day.

Monthly workout insert

Monthly workout insert

Sometimes it's hard to commit... to working out, that is.  You say you're going to go to the gym, you think about going to the gym, but you don't go. The best way to handle this is with monthly workout planner pages (we love this insert too!).  Schedule your workouts for a whole month and you can start to envision a stronger you after 30 days.  And once you make it a habit because you’ve scheduled it in your planner, it gets easier. 

Whether that's Zumba on Mondays and Wednesdays, hot yoga on Tuesdays, and cardio every Friday for 4 weeks, using a template like this one can help you reach your fitness goals more easily and more quickly.

planner stickers

Start planning out your months

As you can see, there’s definitely no shortage of cool and useful inserts. Sure, you could get some blank calendars and customize them, but the printable monthly inserts we share here are all ready to go.

And while daily and weekly planners can be really useful, monthly calendar planners can give you a better overview of the things you need to do or goals you want to achieve, allowing you to see a bigger picture. Printable monthly planners are, in short, a gift.  

Whether you’re looking for school printables, a wedding planner, or goal setting inserts, nowadays these sheets are super easy to find. If you prefer a Sunday start or a Monday start, that can all be arranged. If you’re in the market for inserts that are for A6, B6 or A5 planners, you’re sure to find it.

Look for those that meet your specific needs, add them to your planner and decorate them with some cute planner stickers and voila! You’ve organized yourself in a way that’s cute and stylish and you’re ready to take over the world.

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