Embracing Ease: Slowing Down in a Rushed Season

As we bundle up for these shorter days and longer nights, I've been thinking a lot about how fast we all seem to be moving. It's been quite the year, right? A rollercoaster of ups and downs, and here we are, constantly racing against time, ticking off to-dos and chasing after goals.

For the first time in what felt like forever, Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday were simple, relaxed, and easy. No grandiose plans, no crowd to please, just the tranquility of being. That's when it struck me – my word for 2024: 'EASE.' This ease wasn't just about doing less; it was about being more – more present, more authentic, more at peace with the flow of life.

I want this for you too – this sense of ease. Not just as a fleeting moment, but as a constant companion in your daily life. So, here’s what I’ve been doing, and I think it might just resonate with you.

Setting Achievable Monthly Goals:

Instead of overwhelming myself with a mountain of objectives, I've started setting one realistic goal each month. It’s less about quantity and more about quality. Our Goals Journal has been a fantastic ally in this process, helping me break down my monthly targets into manageable steps. By mind mapping, I've been able to address any objectives before they occur and prepare for them. Doing this along with using the Goals Journal has allowed me to accomplish my goals much faster than I expected. 

Prioritizing What Fulfills Me:

I've begun to focus more on activities that nourish my soul. I’ve been making time for things that fill my cup – reading, journaling, a quiet walk. It’s not luxury; it’s necessary. Whether it’s a quiet evening with a book or a creative session with my vision board, I make time for what truly matters.

Our Vision Board Kits have been an incredible way to visualize and manifest what I envision for myself. Have you seen the new one? It is EVERYTHING! I even made a "what fills my cup?" list and encourage you to do the same. It's a list of what fuels you. Keep it nearby whether it's in your planner, iPad or phone and whenever you feel depleted, refer to that list. 

Flow, Don't Force:

In our planners, there’s space for plans, yes, but there’s also room for spontaneity. I've learned to be more adaptable, to take changes in stride rather than resisting them. It's also the reason why we created our quarterly planner for Q4 to mirror flexibility, offering just enough structure to keep you on track without feeling restrictive. When I lean into flow, things seem to quickly fall in place. It's like I stopped playing tug-a-war with my own life. 

The Art of Doing Less:

I’m learning that sometimes, doing less means living more. It's also what led me to designing our Desktop Calendars auto create  a more streamlined approach to daily tasks. I searched high and low and there was nothing out there that allowed me to see in one central location which tasks had to be done week to week in order to keep the needle moving forward. By creating this product, I stopped piling on unnecessary tasks simply for the sake of saying I was doing something. By doing less, I've gained more time to figure out the next steps on my journey in life and in business. 

Reflect, Don’t Regret:

Taking time to reflect has allowed me to appreciate my journey and plan for the future with clarity. Every evening, I spend a few minutes reflecting on the day. What worked, what didn’t, and what I’m grateful for. Our journals are designed to be a safe space for these reflections, a place where your thoughts and feelings can find a home.

As we wrap ourselves in the warmth of this winter season, let’s promise each other to embrace ease. Let’s slow down, breathe deeply, and savor the moments. Remember, our subscription boxes, planners, and journals aren’t just products; they’re tools to help you weave ease into the tapestry of your everyday life. They’re a part of my commitment to you – to help you find calm in the chaos, to fill your cup until it overflows.

As we glide into the holidays and towards a new year, let’s hold onto this conversation. Let’s make it our mission to live a little more gently, a little more mindfully. Because in the end, it’s these moments of ease that make life truly beautiful.

Resources for Slowing Down & Embracing Ease This December –

As we talk about slowing down, it's helpful to have some practical techniques at hand. The folks at Mindful.org have an excellent collection of mindfulness practices that can help us find calm in our daily hustle.

Resting in the Flow of Existence

Winter can be challenging for many of us, and it's important to acknowledge the impact it can have on our mood and energy levels. The Mayo Clinic offers great insights and tips on managing Seasonal Affective Disorder here.

If you're intrigued by the idea of using vision boards to manifest your dreams of ease, The Huffington Post has a fantastic step-by-step guide on how to create and use vision boards effectively. Find inspiration for your own vision board here.


  • Margie P

    I know I’m late, but this post inspired me today, on Christmas Day. I have slowed down tremendously, because who wants to always be in the rat race?? I love your products and can’t wait to receive my classic planner for 2024.

  • Rhonda T.

    Thank YOU
    I needed this

  • Tanessa

    Ease is a timely word to describe 2024. Having tools that help us align our focus makes things easier. I believe that intentional goal mapping helps us to be more creative as well. Reflect, don’t Regret is a simple message with a huge impact. This helps us from remaining stuck.

    Y’all if you didn’t grab the vision board kit- hurry up!!

  • Joia A.

    I appreciate this post. I sat down to prepare for the month- I’m using the monthly desk pad from Q3 Treasure Chest & the Weekly notepad along with my Goals Journal- this was a good read to really reflect on my priorities for this month. 💎

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