Designing Your Best Year Yet: A 2024 Guide

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So, here we are, stepping into 2024. Two words: we survived. This next year is more than flipping another page in our planner – it's about flipping the script on our lives. Welcome to "Designing Your Best Year Yet: A 2024 Guide." This series? Oh, it’s going to be about way more than just getting things done. We’re talking about a full-on journey to personal and professional greatness.

Real Talk on Our Year Ahead

Creating a Year with Heart and Hustle

Think of 2024 as your personal stage. How are you gonna shine? After the chaos of 2023, we all deserve to step into something fresher, something that feels like a new beat that’s just waiting for us to dance. Let’s break down how we’re going to make 2024 pop with purpose, passion, and solid plans.

Reflection: The Realness of Looking Back

Taking Stock to Take Off

Grab your favorite snack and let's get into it. Last year – what was it like for you? Were there moments when you felt like the boss of your world? And those times when things didn’t go as planned – what did they teach you? It’s time to do more than look back; pull out your journal and write down what all you learned. Did you grow this past year? Any takeaways you plan to take with you in the new year? What are your most cherished moments? Setbacks? What do you plan on doing differently and how will you incorporate it into your everyday life?

Dreaming vs Doing

From Big Visions to Bold Moves

Got dreams? It’s time to turn them into your reality. But here’s the thing – we gotta be specific. Gone are the days where you write down, “I want to level up in my career” – nah, we’re talking “I want that corner office, leading my team, making moves by June.” This is about painting your dreams in bold, vibrant colors, and then chasing them down. The more specific you are, the more attainable your goals become. If you write down what you want by a desired date, you are able to reverse the goal and break down each step in order to achieve it by the desired date. When you use our Goals Journal, make sure that you check in on your goals every month and ensure you’re on the right track. Want to take it a step further? Our quarterly Treasure Chest subscription is jam packed every quarter with the right products to help you map out your goals by the quarter and create a solid foundation for success. 

The Blueprint to Your Best Self

Mindful Planning: The Power of Writing It Down

Much like our Goals Journal, our Quarterly Goals Planner isn’t just another notebook. It’s where dreams get their wings. And when you pair it with our Daily Planner? That’s when the magic happens. It’s like having a personal coach in your bag, keeping you focused and fired up. Before you begin the year, take the time to write down your ideal self. Write everything down from the type of breakfast you eat, how many hours of sleep you get each night, the places you frequent and even the people you hang out with. Knowing these things will help you determine what’s worth your time in the new year. Eliminate what doesn’t elevate your everyday. Once you know exactly who you are, it’s time to create a daily routine that aligns with your highest self. 

By utilizing your Monthly Desk Pad or even Google Calendar, you can create a daily routine that amplifies what you believe about yourself. Have you been going to sleep past 11pm and struggling to stay awake throughout the day? Been there, done that. Instead of beating yourself up about it, you can make small adjustments such as updating focus mode on your phone to go on DND by 8:30, creating an Alexa bedtime reminder, decreasing your screen time hours and even letting your significant other know what time lights will be in the house. Remember, you operate at your best with adequate sleep. We can’t afford to be tired all of the time in 2024 anymore. 

Habit Stacking: Small Steps to Big Leaps

We’re building habits that are going to lift us up. Ever checked out 'Atomic Habits'? Now is a great time to use the book as a 2024 refresh. If not, you need to. It’s about those little things we do every day that add up to huge transformations. Looking for a list of books to read and elevate your systems and routines in 2024, check out Felicia's Library on amazon. 

Time Mastery: Owning Your Minutes

Let's keep it 100 – mastering your time is like having a superpower. Find a system that vibes with you. Maybe it’s crushing those tasks Pomodoro-style or sorting them out with the Eisenhower Matrix. Whatever it is, make it yours and watch how it changes the game.

Wellness: Because You Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup

Self-Care Isn’t Selfish, It’s Essential

This year, it’s all about looking after YOU. Schedule that gym time, those healthy meal preps, those moments when you can just breathe and be. I’m talking about making self-care non-negotiable. Because when you’re at your best, you can give your best to everything else.

This year, we’re incorporating themed days into our system. Tired of having sporadic appointments all over the place. Choose one day a week that you’re willing to go to that nail appointment, go to the dentist and even get your annual checkup done. By doing this, it will streamline your scheduling process and make it easier for you to stick to the system you’ve created. 

Relationships: Keeping It 100 with Your Circle

Making Time for Those Who Matter Most

Last year, did you feel like you were too caught up in the grind? Let's switch that up. Plan those coffee dates, those family dinners, those heart-to-hearts with friends. Lock them into your calendar like they’re the most important meetings – because they are. Think about the next 90 days, can you reach out to the important people in your life and schedule lunch and dinner dates? Knowing that you’ve prioritized your relationships will make you feel better prepared and less stressed for the year ahead. You won’t feel like an afterthought and vice versa. We can’t keep relying on others to simply “know” we care. It’s time for proactive action. 

Flexibility: The Art of Rolling with the Punches

Adapting Like a Boss

Life’s going to throw some curveballs – that’s just how it is. But it’s how we roll with them that shows our true strength. Be ready to switch up your plans, pivot your strategies, and still keep it moving towards your goals. Eliminate the word - quit, from your vocabulary this year. Don’t quit, pivot.  

 Let’s Make 2024 Iconic

As we ride into 2024, remember that every day is a chance to paint your masterpiece, to write your anthem, to live your best life. We’re not just talking plans here – we’re talking transformations.

Stay locked in for this series, because we’re diving deep into goal setting, daily routines, self-care – the whole shebang. We’re about to make 2024 not just a year, but an era to remember.

Together, let’s create a vibe that’s all about winning, wellness, and walking into our greatness.


  • Margie

    Wow, this blog blessed me in the most a amazing way! Change of mindset is needed with planning. I now see the significance of quarterly planning versus the whole year. Reminds me of taking little steps to make big improvements. I can’t wait for my Quarterly Goal Planner to arrive! #transformation

  • Angel

    This is such a great guide to getting things ramped up and going for a successful 2024. The biggest tip for me here is to be more flexible! Quickly adjust and tackle…Thanks for sharing :-)

  • Tanessa

    Ive heard so many good things about Atomic Habits book. I guess I need to read it this year. In 2023, I didnt feel unorganized but I did feel like I could have listed out my goals and plans better. The introduction to Quarterly Focus is a great concept for people like we. While I can see the big picture, small action items are essential. I love the word switch from quit to Pivot. Our words have power.

  • Tiwanna

    This is how start the year off right. Thanks for sharing your library 😊 Each of these are great tips to be productive.

  • Tina Moss

    Thanks for the reminder to be more intentional and specific in preparing for my wins in 2024. #victory

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