How to Create A Reusable Sticker Album - 3 Awesome and Creative Ideas

Here's an important question: What do you do with all your stickers? Do you throw them in a shoebox? Are they gathering dust on your desk? Are they all mixed together and tucked away in a drawer somewhere?

It’s time to let those stickers see the light and get your collection organized and easy to access.

Hopefully, by now you have come across our many sticker books, so there’s no better time than the present to learn how to make your own.

Why use a sticker album?

Reusable sticker books are an excellent way to organize your sticker collection. You can create multiple books and use each one to store a different type of sticker or you can use divider inserts in your album(s) and organize your stickers accordingly.

What’s more, using an album lets you see your stickers in all their glory: from beautiful designs to textures and patterns. 

And if you’re a sticker junkie like most of your GEMs, you might find yourself buying lots of great sticker kits but maybe you have no place to store or keep track of them. (Our favorite kits at the moment are these, these right here, and also these!) 

When you use the kits and have leftover stickers, you need a place for those as well. Maybe you receive the Goldmine and Coco sticker subscription boxes in the mail and you need to find a cute place to put them all. Maybe you make your own planner stickers and need somewhere to store them.

Whatever your organizational needs, a reusable sticker album offers a fun and easy way to display and keep track of your collection.

But how do you go about making a DIY sticker album? Is it very complicated? Do you need lots of hard-to-find materials?

The truth is that making an album has never been easier. Keep reading for all the details on this super fun DIY project.

Materials required for your reusable sticker album

First things first, you're going to have to gather the right materials, starting with the right paper.

The paper is one of the most important components of your album and there are several options to choose from. Obviously, you’re going to need paper on which you can place stickers and remove them while maintaining their stickiness and without ripping them.

Some options are release paper, silicone-coated paper, or wax-coated paper. You can, of course, buy these types of specific paper for your sticker book, but you can also get creative and use any waxy paper you can find around the house. For example, you can use the waxy back sheets from office labels.

You can also use Reynolds wax paper from the supermarket if you have it, you can laminate pages of paper, or you can use plastic sheet protectors as well.

Some of these types of paper are one-sided, so that’s something to keep in mind. 

You will also need a hole puncher, scrapbook paper, a paper trimmer or scissors, and decorative items for the outside of your albums.

How to create a reusable sticker album

There are lots of ways to make a reusable sticker book. Let's look at 3 of them.

1. One way is to use a 3-ring binder. 

You can decorate the cover however you like and fill it with the appropriate paper. This can be any of the waxy papers mentioned above. 

For this type of album, you can also use heavy-weight non-glare sheet protectors and slip card stock, colored construction paper, or white sheets of paper inside the sheet protectors. Stickers generally come off easily. Make sure the sheet protectors are high quality and durable, as it will be easier to remove the stickers. Using card stock will make the pages stiffer and provide a better surface for your stickers.

Another option for this album is to laminate paper and include those in the binder for your stickers.

The paper or laminated sheets must be trimmed or cut to be the right size and you’ll need to punch holes to ensure that it fits perfectly in your binder.

2. Scrapbook album

Another idea for creating your reusable sticker album is to use scrapbooking materials.

Pick your favorite piece of scrapbook paper and make sure it’s large enough, for example, 6 x 12 inches is a good size, but you can obviously play around with this.

Fold it in half, so you have the front and back covers.

For this album, we’re going to use wax paper from the supermarket. Line it up with the scrapbook paper and then wrap the wax paper around it several times. This will help you create exactly the right page size. 

Make sure you crease the wax paper on each end of the scrapbook cover as this will help you identify the right page size when it comes time to cut it. Carefully remove the scrapbook paper from the wax paper and unwrap it. Now cut along the creased lines. These are your pages.

Place the waxy paper inside the scrapbook paper cover and “bind” your book with staples. If any of the wax sheets are sticking out, all you have to do is trim them. 

That’s it! Your book is ready. You can decorate the cover—with washi tape, puffy paint, duct tape, or even stickers—and then start sticking!

3. Use A Photo Album

A third option is to take the “easy” route and buy a photo album from the store. You can get the small- or large-style ones; this is entirely up to you. 

As the pages in these albums are plastic, you should have no trouble placing your stickers on them and then peeling them off as needed. Alternatively, you can place your sheets of stickers inside the photo inserts.

Decorate and personalize the cover of the album to your liking, and then you’re essentially ready to go! 

And a twist on this approach, and one which we explain in detail on our YouTube channel, is to forgo the peel-and-stick strategy and use a photo album or, even better, get your hands on a fabulous sticker album with plastic or UV-coated inserts to store your sticker sheets. You will need to ensure that the pages of the album and the sheets are the same size or you will need to cut the latter to fit.

 In this video, you can see we’re using a Happie Scrappie sticker album. 

Once we place all of our stickers in the album, we’re going to take our sticker organization game up a notch by creating sticker tabs. 

To do this, we can write the corresponding section name (e.g. Boss Girl, School, Work, Contacts, Miscellaneous, etc.) on our box tabs and then run them through a sticker maker machine and place them on the edge of the sheets in our album. This will help us locate the stickers we’re looking for as quickly as possible. 

When you apply the box tabs, make sure you leave a few empty inserts. This will give you the space to add additional sticker sheets in the future, should you have them.

Also, when you apply the box tabs, each one will be placed slightly lower than the one above it to give it a divider effect, which will allow you to see all the tabs and move through your sticker book as needed.

In the end, you have a totally functional sticker album and an aesthetically pleasing way to store and organize your very best stickers.

An easy project you can do today

As you can see, making a DIY reusable sticker book is a fun and easy craft that requires minimal materials. Whether you’re looking for a place for your puffy stickers, planner stickers, vinyl stickers or decals, an album is the perfect home.

And whether you’re looking for a place to peel, stick and peel again, or just somewhere to store your extensive sticker collection, the ideas we shared here are all great options.

Playing with stickers and using a reusable album is a fun activity for both kids and adults. Are you ready to make yours? 


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    The page protectors are a great idea and something i already have.

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    Thanks for all the great tips. I have some some sticker backing left over from some larger stickers that I plan to put together for a album just didn’t know what to do for the cover.

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