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Classic, Refined, Timeless Washi Shapes Pack

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Imagine sipping on a warm cup of brown sugar latte as the leaves gently fall outside. Now, bring that comforting feeling into your planner with Goldmine & Coco's Brown Sugar Washi Shape 4 Pack. It's all about adding that extra spice to your daily hustle.

This pack ain't just stickers; it's a blend of functional shapes that help you highlight those vital dates, tasks, and even pen yourself a sweet word of encouragement. What's inside? A sheet of small circular dots, triangle flags, half-moons, and round circles, all dipped in the perfect colorway for a smooth fall transition.

Whether you're setting up an important meeting, marking a friend's brunch, or reminding yourself to keep pushing, these shapes are here to make it special. They're more than just stickers; they're little bursts of love, crafted with high quality for the go-getters who appreciate luxury and value in every detail.

Embrace the Brown Sugar Washi Shape 4 Pack, and make your planner not just an organizer but a safe haven, filled with ambition, creativity, and warmth. It's a Goldmine & Coco promise that every shape you stick will remind you of a community that uplifts, supports, and celebrates you.

Grab yours today, and let's fall into planning with grace and style. It's more than just a pack; it's a feeling.