Manifest Your Vision | Vision Board Kit

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Unleash the power of your dreams with our "Manifest Your Vision | Vision Board Kit," designed for anyone ready to visualize and achieve their aspirations with clarity and intention. Say goodbye to the clutter of magazines and random images, and welcome a more focused approach to creating your vision board.


  • Innovative Accordion Base: The kit features a 5 x 8' accordion base crafted from cream-wrapped chipboard, offering a sturdy and expansive canvas for your vision.

  • Inspirational Quote Booklet: A 5 x 8 perforated quote booklet is included, brimming with multi-sized quotes. Easily detach and add these empowering words to your board, fueling your motivation and focus.

  • Versatile PET Sticker Sheets: Enhance your vision board with two pages of PET stickers, each thoughtfully designed to add visual appeal and depth to your goals.

  • Exclusive Washi Tape: Complement your vision board with our exclusive 15mm washi tape, perfect for adding a creative and cohesive touch to your layout.

Create with Ease and Purpose: This Vision Board Kit simplifies the process of creating a vision board, removing the overwhelm and replacing it with a streamlined, intention-driven experience. Whether you're setting personal goals, envisioning career milestones, or dreaming of future adventures, this kit provides all the essential tools to bring your vision to life.

Doesn't Include Reflect Journal and Mini Sticker Book.