Custom Illustration Request

Hello Beautiful!

You've reached this form because you desire to be illustrated! Yay!! You're in the right place, it's our specialty!

Please read the following and fill out the form:

-Although these are customs and we do our very best to depict exactly who you are, these are not you in real life. You are allowed up to 1 revision at no additional cost.

*What is included with my custom?
We have decided that the best thing we could offer you is a DIGITAL IMAGE :)
Each custom ordered includes the actual drawing delivered via dropbox link. Stickers and merchandise will be considered add ons and will need to be ordered through the site. Because you’re receiving a digital image and we have no control over how you use your image, a commercial fee ($75) is already included in the price.

*What is the turn around time? For digital images only, the turn around time is from 1-6 weeks max after payment is received but may only take us 3 weeks or less depending on revisions needed. If you choose to add-on stickers, it will be approx. 1-2 weeks (business days) to ship after your order is placed.

*How many revisions per image? Each drawing gets 1 revisions before a fee is charged. Any additional revision will require an up charge of $10 per revision. Remember these are representations of you not exact custom images. It is advised that you really look at the sketch and make any changes necessary. No changes will be made once we start to color after you give us your approval. We will send you a sketch via email, you are given 48 hours to respond or we will assume the initial sketch is approved.

*ALL Custom Illustrations are $150, this includes the commercial use fee and is non-negotiable.
$150 includes (1) custom illustration drawing of your choice of (1) person delivered via email/dropbox link, no physical copies sent.

Your Choices Include:
-5 3x4 Sheets ($25)
-10 3x4 Sheets ($40)
Each Sheet Will Contain (1) 4 Inch Doll and At Least 3 Miniature Dolls.

***If you would like a lesser amount of sticker sheets, each sheet is $5.

*To Order Stickers, You Will Be Provided with a Password and a Link to Purchase via Our Website. This helps us to ensure that we get your stickers out in a timely manner and can track them ;)
*All Sticker Orders Will Cost $4.25 Flat Rate Shipping, Please Keep that in Mind.

*Multiple Dolls... You can get up to 3 illustrations at once.

Payment is due immediately, No Exceptions. We only accept payments via PayPal at this time. If you wish to use Afterpay, please email us and if there are any slots still available, we will send you the link via our website and after payment is submitted send you the form. This is contingent upon slots being available.

All Emails Regarding Illustrations Will Be Sent from PLEASE make us VIP so that you do not miss your turn in line. Everything works on a 48 hour turn around time. If we do not receive a response from you within 48 hours, we will assume you approve and proceed with completing the illustration.

Thank you so much for signing up! We know the details can seem hard core, please understand we want to ensure that customer service and satisfaction is our number one priority and these rules are set in place to make sure that we deliver on our part. ;)

-IMAGE OF OUTFIT CHOICE (use google or Pinterest to submit outfit/stance)

Please note, we will only take a small amount of people at One Time to Keep Up with Turn Around Time.