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 Welcome to 'I Didn't Plan For This' with Felicia Jarrell! 

You're about to embark on an uplifting journey with our very own Felicia Jarrell. This isn't just any podcast – it's your new go-to spot for real talk, hearty laughs, and a treasure trove of life hacks.
What's it about? Imagine sitting down for brunch with your most inspiring, straight-talking friend. That's Felicia for you – guiding you through the unpredictable rollercoaster of life, careers, and the dreams you're hustling to make real.
Why listen? Each episode is a burst of motivation, packed with stories that resonate and advice that sticks. Whether you're navigating unexpected turns, looking to enhance your day, or just need a friend to share the ride, Felicia's got your back.
Ready to tune in? Embrace the unexpected and join our community of Gems who love to laugh, learn, and grow together. Hit subscribe and let’s add a dash of extraordinary to your everyday!
Let's not just plan for life, let's make life a plan worth loving!

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