Digital Planners: The Best Out There & Everything You Want to Know

If we’re perfectly honest, most of us would probably benefit from using a planner, something to help us keep our lives in order. Whether you’re a student or a teacher, an employee or an entrepreneur, a mom or a dad, life is hectic and things slip through the cracks.

Using a planner—the right planner for you—can offer a slew of benefits. This includes helping you:

  • Get a very clear idea of the things that matter the most
  • Decide exactly how to spend your time and energy every single day
  • Recognize and celebrate the progress you make
  • Keep a list of tasks that is manageable and not overwhelming
  • Remember dates, appointments, and meetings with ease
  • Reduce stress and boost productivity through time blocking

Seriously, in this day and age, who is going to say “no, thanks!” to that? A tool that lets you tackle those to-do lists, plan your meals, prioritize your tasks and organize your schedule all in one place? The “right” answer is “Tell me more!”

Here we’re going to look at the best digital planners, in two formats. First, for those of you who want to stay organized in an environmentally sustainable way, we’re going to highlight digital planners, i.e. virtual planners that you use online. These usually run on iOS (Apple) or Xodo (Android) with apps like GoodNotes, Noteshelf, and Notability and synchronize with calendar apps and planning apps, such as Google Calendar.

And for those people who are most comfortable writing their plans out on paper, we’ll take a look at digital planner inserts, i.e. files you can download, print out and add to your physical planner. 

Whether you’re a newbie and need planning tips for beginners or an old pro in the planner world, there’s something for you on this list.  Let’s get started!

The Best of the Best Digital Planners

Goldmine & Coco’s Digital Luxe Lifestyle Planner

If you are jumping into the digital planner world the Goldmine and Coco Digital Luxe Lifestyle Planner is the perfect way to start! It is hyperlinked for quick & easy navigation and includes 

un-dated yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily planning pages to use whenever you please

Plus the Goldmine and Coco Digital planner has hyperlinked PDF templates for Goodnotes and Notability. In addition, productivity & notes pages (such as goal setting pages, meeting notes, daily gratitude & meal planner) are included so you can truly plan your luxe life.

Artful Agenda’s Digital Planner

What we really love about this fantastic planner is the endless customization options. You can pick the cover design you like the most and the handwriting you prefer, and you can even color-code your events and add digital stickers to personalize them. 

This planner allows you to cross tasks off as you complete them, create custom lists, plan your daily meals and track your water intake. And you can even sync all of your daily and monthly views, so there’s no need to enter information twice. It’s available in the Apple and Google Play stores and syncs with Google, Apple, and Outlook.

Moleskine Smart Planner

For all the diehard paper planners fans out there, this extra-large smart planner from Moleskin is an outstanding hybrid solution. While technically a paper organizer, it uses invisible technology called NCoded to transfer all of your handwritten notes in real-time to a screen using the Moleskine Notes app. Basically, it "magically" digitizes everything you write down!

You can synchronize your appointments with iCal, Google Calendar, and Moleskine Timepage, and this planner is compatible with both Apple and Android. Whether you prefer a monthly, weekly, or daily layout, there's a Moleskine planner for you. 

Family Wall

For all the moms and dads out there looking for the perfect digital planner, look no further than the Family Wall app

This extremely cool planning tool does it all: it lets you manage everyone's everyday schedule and activities, plan meals, track grocery lists. It lets you create custom lists that are updated as you complete tasks so you always know what has to be done, and it lets you drop and drag your favorite recipes or import them from the web. And that's just the tip of the iceberg with this one.

The shared calendar will let you keep everyone's appointments in one place so that it's accessible anywhere and at any time and it synchronizes with your phone and your favorite calendar apps.

Amethyst Garnet Planner

We love this highly functional, carefully designed digital planner, which will surely help you find balance in your life and achieve all of your goals. What we love in particular about this dated planner is the extensive network of hyperlinks and buttons—25,000 in total—which provide an unrivaled user experience. 

It includes sections to help you organize your finances, improve your fitness and nutrition, support your wellness, and increase your productivity. It also contains 55 templates, 1,300 digital stickers, 85 different covers to personalize your planner, 12 sections to organize projects, take note templates, and 96 planners (4 daily and 4 weekly layout options).

In short, this is the ultimate digital planner that will take you through 2022 and 2023.

Focus Course Digital Planner

Here’s an amazing digital planner option that runs on your iPad and is uniquely designed to help you boost your clarity and focus. This interactive, full-featured digital planner will live on your iPad and you can download it via the GoodNotes or Notability apps.

This planner has a ton of features, including goal setting sections; weekly, monthly, and yearly calendar view; daily planner pages to organize your daily tasks; weekly and monthly review prompts; and blank pages for mind mapping and doodling. It also has more than 6,000 internal document links, which allow you to quickly and seamlessly move around the planner.

My Daily Planners Digital Planner

This 2021/2022 digital planner is available in four languages: English, Spanish, German, and French, and can be downloaded to your iPad Pro.

It features daily pages with a schedule, priorities, notes, and a to-do list; weekly note pages; weekly planning pages with space to organize your daily tasks; weekly pages with areas to list out your goals and notes; a monthly planner view; a budget tracker; a template for meeting notes; and a template for project planning.

This planner is available in both portrait and landscape views and uses PDF annotation apps such as Notability, NoteShelf, and Goodnotes5.

EvoPrintables Planner

Those of you looking to take your health and fitness to the next level, look no further than this fitness digital planner. It's compatible with the iPad and the Android tablet and works with apps such as GoodNotes, Notability, and Noteshelf.

Pick the cover you like the best from 40 possible options and choose your start date. Use the daily fitness planner and/or the weekly fitness planner and the daily and weekly meal planners. Keep track of your recipes, your habits, your weight, and your wellness. 

The hyperlinked structure, clickable tabs, and buttons for easy navigation make using this planner a breeze. With your purchase, you also get access to 500 plus planner templates. What better, more organized way is there to reach your fitness goals?

Planners Collective Planner

This virtual planner from Planners Collective, available for immediate download, comes with 8 different planner variations so you can test them out and find the one that's right for you.

This is the ultimate digital planner for many reasons. Not only is it dated until May 2023, it comes with more than 1,400 digital stickers once you free digital notebooks. 

It's also got a never-ending list of features, including sleep, dream, habit, and mood trackers; grocery list and meal ideas pages; to-do lists; a page for birthdays; a bucket list page; a password tracker; a brain dump page; an expense and bill tracker; and much more, in addition to the multiple daily, monthly and yearly planning pages. The pages can also be duplicated and removed to meet your needs.

This is a popular one that makes digital planning easier than ever and is sure to help you stay mega-organized, wherever you are and wherever you’re going.

Digital Stickers for Digital Planners

Digital Sticker Books

If after all of your research you decide a digital planner is the way to go, spruce up your planner with some digital stickers.

The Goldmine and Coco Digital Sticker Book is the perfect addition if you are looking for some beautiful inspiration with your planner. To make things really easy, included are both individual PNGs and a complete GoodNotes sticker book. You can easily upload to your app and begin planning today.

Getting organized, virtually or otherwise

Digital planners are a fantastic option, as using your iPad or tablet and going paperless means there’s one less thing you need to carry around, it’s better for the planet and, broadly speaking, you have more customization options when it comes to making your planner “yours.”

For people who aren’t quite ready to ditch the paper, there’s no shortage of digital planner inserts you can find today to print out at home to help you organize every single aspect of your life.

These planners will help you organize your life and keep track of everything from your grocery list to your daily tasks and help you by setting reminders, creating a space for your gratitude journal, and assisting you in every aspect of your daily planning.

Whichever you prefer, there’s definitely something for everyone, so you truly have no excuses to take control of your schedule and your life.


  • Paula

    Thank you for a very informative guide on digital panners. I am very interested in shifting to a digital planner but was unsure how to even get started. This post helped alot. Love all your products both physical and now digital.

  • Veronica

    This was a great…learned about a few digital options of which I wasn’t aware. I’m excited about getting started in digital planning. I live by my Samsung/Google calendar…but hadn’t fully committed to doing everything digital.

  • Zee

    Very informative for the planner that is curious/interested in digital planning!

  • Debra Steward

    Great content about organization.

  • Vanessa Walker

    Because of G&C’s digital planner, I jumped head-first into the digital planning world and I haven’t looked back. On paper, I seemed to be more of a deco planner but since this digital planner was introduced, I now use my planner as it was intended to be. Thank you G&C for showing me how to put my life together!!

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