Best Productivity Planners: 16 Excellent Options to Get You Organized

Let’s be honest: we all have a lot on our plates. 

Whether you’re a student juggling academic and personal life or a professional juggling work and home life, whether you work full time or you’re a SAHM, you’re probably looking for ways to get more organized and be more productive with your day.

While productivity will certainly mean different things to different people, we can probably agree that, when we’re productive, we complete the tasks we need to so that we have the time to do the things that are most important to us. That might be practicing self-care, spending time with friends and family, working on your side hustle, or just relaxing.

If you’re looking to seriously boost your productivity, you’re going to need the right planner by your side.

Finding The Best Productivity Planner

The best planners to increase productivity will provide support that helps you do your work and achieve your personal goals. These planners will allow you to track not only your schedule, but also your accomplishments and objectives, and they’ll help you organize your life strategically. 

Ask yourself: Do I prefer monthly calendars? Will I use a habit tracker? Do I prefer undated planners over dated ones? Do I like weekly pages or monthly calendars, or both? Will I be bullet journaling in my planner? Do I need space for tasks notes? Am I leaning towards a business planner or an academic planner?

Of course, choosing the right planner or inserts to help you stay productive is a wholly personal choice and you will need to find the one that speaks to you (and learn how to use it right). Keep reading for our top 16 productivity planners to help you take charge of your life.

1. Vertical Hourly Planner Sheets

One way to step up your productivity game is with these hourly planner inserts. If you use time blocking among your strategies, this is a great way to get organized and help you accomplish all of your daily goals. These undated sheets (8 in total, double-sided) last for 8 weeks, are printed on premium paper, and let you start your week on Monday. They're available in the following sizes: A5, A6, B6, half letter, and classic HP.

2. Daily To-Do Lists

Sometimes all you need to be your most efficient self is a classic to-do list like these. These inserts (8 sheets, double-sided) offer space to include 15 different tasks and a few details about each one, plus a box to check them off, and really, what's more satisfying than that? 

This package comes with 6 weeks worth of to-do lists, printed on quality opaque paper with a heavy finish. They're available in the following sizes: A5, A6 and classic HP.

3. Weekly To-Do Lists

If you prefer a weekly overview, then you’ll want to grab this set of weekly to do list inserts. This gives you an overview of your entire week, Monday to Saturday, with space to include up to five tasks per day and check them off. There's also a section for you to highlight a selection of the most important tasks for the week ahead.

These undated sheets (8 double-sided) let you start any time, will last for 6 weeks and are printed on premium paper stock with a lovely, smooth finish. They're available in the following sizes: A5, A6 and classic HP.

4. Daily All-in-One Inserts

Maybe you're looking for a more holistic overview of your day to help you be as productive as possible. These incredibly practical daily all-in-one inserts have a little bit of everything: a space for today's priority, a to-do list, a schedule section from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m., a water tracker, an exercise tracker, and a space for you to jot down items to revisit at another time.

The 8 undated double-sided sheets will last for 6 weeks and they will be sent to you printed on ready-to-use premium paper.

5. Digital Productivity Inserts

A straight-up productivity planner is also a great idea. This digital PDF covers a whole slew of areas to help you become your most efficient self.

It includes a daily planner with a checklist and space to jot down the most important tasks in the morning, afternoon and evening; an area for you to write down one goal per day for the entire week; a personal checklist with tasks such as meditate, wash hands, and declutter; a selection of positive affirmations; and a sheet for activities and chores that need to be done. 

The 8 double-sided inserts are undated and a wide range of sizes are available, depending on the size of your planner: A5, A6, B6, half-letter, HP classic, HP micro, HP mini, letter, personal, and several more.

6. Daily Insert with Follow-Ups 

We love these daily productivity inserts because they include a bit of everything. They have a space to jot down your notes, they make it easy for you to schedule an activity each hour of your day from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., they include a water tracker, a to-do list, an area for your brain dump, and a grid to remind you about who you need to follow up with.

These 8 double-sided pages are just what you need to get your life in order and they're conveniently available in a ton of sizes, including A5, A6, B6, half-letter, and half a dozen more.

7. Weekly and Nightly Planner Inserts

Night owls will see their productivity peak with these weekly digital planner inserts that let you include your night routine. They include a full week per page with space to jot down notes, a to-do list, and room to include your evening activities from 6 to 9 p.m. The 8 double-sided pages are undated and available in many sizes, including letter, pocket, A5 wide and HP mini, among others.

8. Quick To-Do Planner Inserts

If you’ve got this "productivity thing" more or less under control, check out the simple quick-to-do planner inserts. These are the perfect problem solver and will indubitably come to the rescue when you just need to write down a few quick tasks that you need to check off your list. The double-sided will arrive on your doorstep, punched and printed on high-quality paper stock and ready-to-use. They can accommodate a range of planner sizes, from half letter and classic HP to A5 and A6.

9. Weekly Layout Planner Inserts

If you're looking for inserts with a minimalist vibe, then look no further then these weekly layout inserts. They're super simple, featuring a single, plain box for writing down your daily tasks, and you can make them more fabulous with planner stickers or other planner accessories. The 8 double-sided sheets are available in A5, A6 and half letter and offer a chic way to boost your productivity.

10. Daily Grid Inserts

Another great option for getting your weekly tasks in order are these daily grid planner inserts. Pop in the date at the top, fill out the top half with your most important tasks for every day of the week and save the bottom half for your long to-do list. Checking everything off will make you feel accomplished and set you up for success. These 8 double-sided sheets will arrive on your doorstep on premium opaque paper and are ready to go. They come in 3 sizes: A5, A6, and classic HP.

11. Work and Home Inserts

Remembering everything you have to do at work and at home can be overwhelming at times. Become your most organized self with these weekly planner inserts. These 8 double-sided pages feature a handy grid with the days of the week and space to jot down your most important tasks at home and at the office. 

There's also a space for a to-do list, room to write down reminders about the coming week, limes to add a shopping list, and a space for your upcoming deadlines. It would be impossible not to have your act together after using these awesome inserts. They are available in many sizes, from A5 and A6 to personal wide and A5 wide.

12. Panda Planner Pro

If you're looking to get your hands on a whole planner, we love this option by Panda Planner. This is a great planner to increase productivity and was strategically designed to help you flourish and take back control of your life. Each page has a space for you to write down the day's priorities and includes room for your to-do list. 

You also have an end-of-the-day review where you can note your wins and areas for improvement, and you can also track your exercise and use the hourly schedule, which runs from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. We particularly love the space at the top for your morning review, which encourages you to recognize the things you're grateful for and the things you're excited about and also lets you include an affirmation.

13. Erin Condren Lifeplanner

No productivity planner list would be complete without a model by Erin Condren. Her best-selling weekly lifeplanner is a game changer. Printed on thick Mohawk paper and available in three different sizes, these planners let you include your daily tasks, work-related projects, and home-related reminders.

Layout features include mini months, monthly quotes, monthly notes and activity pages, and dated spreads in monthly and weekly formats. They also come with planner sticker sheets, a folder, a snap-in ruler, and a perpetual calendar.

14. My PA Planner

Get your work life and personal life in order with MY PA Planner. This book will help you track health and fitness, reach your personal goals, and store all of your great ideas. It comes with a life and vision planner, a monthly project plan, weekly and daily schedule pages, a tracker for health and wellness, a weekly review, a gratitude journal, space for daily goal setting, connection pages, and an idea and inspiration vault. Seriously, what else could you possibly need?

15. Lilly Pulitzer Planner

We like this Lilly Pulitzer planner not only because it's useful, but also for its lovely aesthetic. The productivity journal/planner, which extends over 17 months, offers a two-page spread for each month.

This planner also has to-do columns, a travel section for itineraries and activities, and planner stickers. One of its most redeeming qualities, however, is indubitably the colorful design, which includes gold foil accents, pops of color on each page, and colored tab dividers to help you with organization. This is an excellent, eye-catching, vibrant agenda for boosting your productivity. 

16. Clever Fox Planner

Clever Fox has a weekly and monthly planner that's sure to get you on track for increasing your productivity, better managing your time and achieving goals. This planner offers a system that will help you stay focused and increase both your performance and quality of life. Complete with undated and unique layouts, colorful ribbons to flip between spreads, and 150 planner stickers, this planner will up and change your life. 

In fact, Clever Fox is so convinced by its product that it guarantees the planner will work for you or they'll give you your money back, no questions asked.

If you’re ready to get serious and take charge of your life, skip the productivity app and the sticky notes and splurge on a productivity planner.

A planner is one of the best tools out there for helping you keep track of your weekly goals, monthly objectives, quarterly goal and positive habits. You don’t have to be a productivity expert to know that the right planner will help you organize, focus and live your best and most efficient life.


  • Yolanda

    The paper quality of this, and all other products, are second to none. This is by far one of my favorite products. I use this notebook as my go to for all things. As a lister, this notebook helps to keep things organized as everything is all in one location and easy to find.

  • Tonya

    Thank you for giving me the motivation I needed to get organized and on track.

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