Treasure Chest Q3 - A La Carte FULL Box

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Step into the Spotlight with the G&C Treasure Chest Box – Your Quarterly Planner Paradise!

Listen up, beautiful – whether you're a G&C veteran who missed out on our latest drops, a newbie on the block looking to level up your planner game, or you're just vibing and want to spread the love to a friend, the Treasure Chest box for Q3 is where it's at. This isn't just a box; it's your personal goldmine of exclusively designed planner essentials that'll have you and your squad planning in style.

Here's the scoop on what you'll score:

  • 50 Sheet Undated Deskpad Calendar: Keep your days fly and your tasks on lock with a 4-week breakdown that's all about that productivity life.
  • Transparent Sticky Notes Pack: For all those little reminders and big ideas, in various sizes because one size never fits all.
  • Sleek G&C Pen: Write your destiny with a pen that's as smooth as your plans.
  • Foiled Icon Stickers Sheet: Add a touch of sparkle to your pages and let your planner shine.
  • Productivity Audit Journal: Reflect, revise, and revamp your hustle with a journal that keeps it real.
  • 4 Pack of Washi Shape Stickers: Shape up your planner with stickers that bring the fun and the function.
  • Vision Board Sticker Pack: Manifest your dreams with stickers that make your vision board pop.
  • Inspirational Quote Cards (10 Pack): Get your daily dose of motivation and keep that energy high.
  • 4 Etched Plastic Dividers: Organize your planner with dividers that are as durable as your ambition.

And let's keep it 100 – this box is packed with over $150+ worth of G&C gems, but we're giving it to you at a one-time rate that's as sweet as our deals get.

So, what are you waiting for? The Treasure Chest box is your quarterly ticket to a world where planning meets luxury, and productivity meets pizzazz. It's time to treat yourself or a friend to the crème de la crème of planner goodies.

Grab your Treasure Chest and let's make magic happen, one page at a time!