About Us

We create lifestyle planning  essentials for women of color.

Our merchandise features hand-drawn depictions of everyday Black women and delivers the sentiment of sisterhood and positive vibes you need to achieve your life and business goals.







a message from our founder

You Can Live The Life You've Planned.

Since 2017, after opening Goldmine & Coco, I have managed to live a life I love. Planning has positioned me to live well, excel and show other women like you that they too can have the life of their dreams. Every product created by Goldmine & CoCo is planned in detail with the intent to help other women BOSS UP!

When I founded my company in 2017, the idea was to "write the vision, make it plain" Having always been a planner, I know first hand the importance of writing everything down and creating a plan. Now that I am managing a team and household daily, making plans is a non-negotiable. Every year I’m incredibly grateful and shocked by our amazing community that uses our planners, stickers and accessories and seek Goldmine & Coco for assistance when it comes to building their very own pretty & functional system.

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Are you finally ready to build the system you've always known you have needed? Let me show you why you need a system, which system works for you and how to implement your plans into your daily lifestyle.

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how to plan like a BOSS !

With Felicia JarrelL

How to plan like a BOSS!

You have seen the cute planners on Instagram.Your goals have not quite panned out how you wanted them to in the past.  And today you have finally decided to give this planning thing a try! Now you need planner tips for beginners because this is all new to you. 

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How to Make Planner Stickers at Home

With Felicia JarrelL

Learn how to make stickers at home!

If you have made your way to this post then of course you love planner stickers as much as we do! Clearly we have created a whole business around planner accessories to help your goals hop off your vision board and turn into reality. 

Learn what type of planner girl you are

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Stay On Top Of Your Day

With Felicia JarrelL

10 Easy Organization Tips to Maximize Productivity

What is a better feeling than buying a fresh, clean, and new planner? Absolutely nothing! Lots of people set off on a journey to completely organize their life and purchasing a planner is usually the first step. After purchasing the planner