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Meet Shardai

As a healthcare worker of more than fifteen years, Shardai is a homebody that loves to express keen attention to detail through visual diaries. With a passion for helping people cope with the trials and tribulations of life, Shardai curates with a focus on self-care, productivity, health, and wellness. Check out her favorite products below.


Building a purposeful life with planning & wellness

As a New Yorker, student, healthcare worker, and content creator, Shardai may seem to have it all figured out. But don't be fooled—she knows what it's like to be overwhelmed with endless tasks and responsibilities. It's also why she focuses on managing her time to do what she loves while still keeping up with everything else she has going on in life.As someone who has been through many life experiences, Shardai knows how tough it can be to juggle work and life responsibilities while trying to achieve your dreams. If you've ever asked yourself "How do I find more time?" or "How do I do everything without getting overwhelmed?" then check out Shardai's favorite products that help her stay focused on the things that matter most.


You Need A System

It's all about the system. When you've got the right tools and a good system, everything else falls into place. Shardai has her planner system down pat, and we can see why—with these products in play, she can get it all done. The A5 planner helps her to manage her schedule and keep track of business-related tasks, while the vision board kit allows Shardai to keep focused on the big picture. Not to mention she can also write down goals and quotes on the back of each card to keep her motivated. She also uses one of our favorite products: The Clipfolio. Not only does it help create daily and weekly rituals (which we all need), but it also helps track daily tasks and monthly reflections. With each item playing an integral role in her planner system, it's no wonder she can do it all. Are you feeling inspired? Add these favorites to your cart today.

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