Mentally I'm Here Notebook

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Trust me, this isn't just a notebook—it's an experience. Made for the go-getters, the dream-chasers, and the women who know their worth, our 7 x 9-inch classic notebook is the only companion you need to level up in life and business.

The pages? Think of them as a sanctuary for your thoughts, a space where your ideas can breathe and grow. They're lined for all your journaling, brainstorming, or "let me jot this down before I forget" moments. And the best part? The single wire binding keeps everything nice and secure, so you can flip through your brilliance without a hitch.


  • Size: 7' x 9' inches, equipped with lined pages, ideal for journaling, meeting notes, or capturing those strokes of genius.
  • Single Wire Bound: Keeps everything tight and right. Easy to use, and built to last.

Handcrafted with love and hustle, and—yeah, you guessed it—proudly made in the USA. So grab your 7 x 9, and let's turn those dreams into written reality. Because with a notebook this luxe, you're not just jotting down notes—you're scripting your own success story. 🌟