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Transparent Date Dots

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Who knew something as simple as dots could be such a game-changer? Introducing Goldmine & Coco's Transparent Date Dots – your new go-to for mapping out your life with style and ease.

We're talkin' 6 months' worth of dots, spread over three sheets, each one covering two months. And those circled headers? They're here to help you break down your weeks 1-4 and your days of the week, all in a sleek and transparent design.

High quality and durable, these little wonders are designed to dance across multiple sizes of planners. They're not just about marking dates; they're about connecting with your ambition and understanding your need for organization.

Whether you're a high-end luxury lover or a practical planner looking for that extra touch of finesse, the Transparent Date Dots are here to uplift your planning game.