Get ready to level up your swag game at the Chicago Planner Conference with our exclusive, limited-edition CPC merch! 🏙️✨ Each piece is infused with that Goldmine & Coco luxury you love. Whether you're a seasoned planner pro or new to the community, this merch is the perfect way to commemorate your conference experience.


Shipping & Delivery: Allow 2-3 weeks for your order to arrive. Can't wait that long? We gotchu!

Conference Pickup: If you wish to pick up your goodies at the conference, just shoot us an email with your order confirmation number. Pickups will happen on Friday evening right after registration. 🛍️

Your CPC experience deserves to be unforgettable. So go ahead, treat yourself and make those memories last forever with our limited-edition CPC merch. 🎉

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